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Better Value. Better Health.
We're turning competition into collaboration to design a health care system that results in better health for patients, better satisfaction for providers, and better value for Virginia.

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Organizations engaged in our work to:
  • Convene and educate stakeholders interested in accelerating the adoption of value-driven models of wellness and healthcare in an effort to improve patient outcomes and advance Virginia's well-being and economic competitiveness.
  • Oversee and facilitate demonstration research to test and evaluate models of value-driven wellness and health care.
  • Leverage data and analytical resources that inform and enable health care providers, public health professionals, government representatives, community organizations, employers and consumers to make better decisions.
  • Help prepare the health care delivery system and the public for a high quality, value-driven health care marketplace which features engaged and satisfied clinicians and patients.

Current Projects

Virginia Health Value Dashboard

Measuring Virginia's performance on delivering health value.

Smarter Care Virginia

Three-year statewide pilot aimed at reducing the provision of low-value health services.

Employer Task Force on Low-Value Care

Business leaders taking action to promote value.

Virginia Vaccinates

Health system collaborative working to improve HPV vaccination rates in Southwest Virginia.