Value Dashboard


In an effort to better understand how Virginia performs in terms of delivering health value, and to determine how we can facilitate action for improvement where necessary, VCHI led the development of the Virginia Health Value Dashboard. The Virginia Health Value Dashboard was conceived as a strategy to prompt action for improving health value across the Commonwealth of Virginia. The Dashboard includes three broad aims encompassing a total of nine value indicators as approved by consensus at a joint meeting of the VCHI Board and Leadership Council on October 24, 2017. Each year, VCHI considers additional measures to add to the Dashboard. 


By clicking on the tabs below, you can now view the Health Value Dashboard as follows:

Statewide Snapshot: An overview of all measures with three years of trend.

District profile: A view of all dashboard measures by health planning district.

Measure overview: A look at the dashboard by measure with a descending ranking by health planning district.


Note: scroll down to see all the data presented within each tab.