In Virginia, the major community partners engaged in healthcare reform — health care providers, health systems, health plans, pharmaceutical manufacturers, employers, consumers, and government – came together in 2012 to create a public-private partnership to accelerate the adoption of value-driven models of wellness and health care.  This formal partnership is known as the Virginia Center for Health Innovation (VCHI). 

These partners first came together in August 2010, when Governor McDonnell appointed 24 political, health system, civic and business leaders to the Virginia Health Reform Initiative (VHRI) Advisory Council.  The Council was asked to develop recommendations about implementing health reform, and to seek innovative solutions that meet the needs of Virginia’s citizens and its government.  The creation of the Virginia Center for Health Innovation stemmed directly from one of these recommendations. 

With both the diversity of these partners and the fact that employers hold a majority interest on the board of directors, VCHI is unique in the nation.


Start-up funding for VCHI was provided by seven organizations. Each organization provides unique insights into the needs and perspectives of their members and each is fully committed to using its resources to advance VCHI’s mission.  This gives VCHI incredible reach, including trusted access to every physician, hospital, health plan, and employer in the Commonwealth.

Medical Society of Virginia

Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers Association

Virginia Association of Health Plans

Virginia Health Care Foundation

Virginia Hospital and Healthcare Association

Virginians Improving Patient Care and Safety