2023 Virginia Task Force on Primary Care Reports

The Virginia Task Force on Primary full set of reports for SFY’23 include three new reports — a primary care scorecard, a telehealth report, and a behavioral health report — as well as updates to Virginia’s primary care spend report, its total cost of care report, and a comprehensive report of task force activities for SFY’23.

Collectively, these six reports substantiate your concerns that Virginia’s primary care workforce is burned out, leaving the profession, and already too small to care for the needs of Virginians. Additionally, we note significant regional differences in access, utilization, and investment in primary care, with far fewer primary care providers in Virginia’s rural communities.

Virginia Primary Care Scorecard

This scorecard, developed by the VTFPC supported by VCHI, aims to provide an annual tracking tool to monitor the health and well-being of primary care in Virginia, including expenditures, workforce, service utilization, and outcomes.

Virginia Telehealth Report

To better understand utilization patterns in telehealth services, the VTFPC conducted an analysis of service utilization and expenditures.

Virginia Behavioral Health Report

The VTFPC identified behavioral health as a priority area of investment and research to better understand the intersection of primary care and behavioral health.

Virginia Primary Care Spend Report

This report describes trends in expenditures and utilization of primary care services.

Virginia Total Cost of Care Report

The VTFPC conducted a total cost of care analysis to better understand healthcare cost drivers in Virginia and define appropriate local solutions.

VCHI Comprehensive Report SFY 2023

In state fiscal year (SFY) 2023, the VTFPC was tasked with addressing primary care clinician retention concerns, improving quality measurement, reviewing payment mechanisms, addressing social determinants of health, and developing a series of reports to better understand current trends in primary care. Recommendations from the VTFPC based on these tasks are outlined on the next page.