Virginia Task Force on Primary Care


Virginia Primary Care Scorecard

This scorecard, developed by the VTFPC supported by VCHI, aims to provide an annual tracking tool to monitor the health and well-being of primary care in Virginia, including expenditures, workforce, service utilization, and outcomes.

Virginia Telehealth Report

To better understand utilization patterns in telehealth services, the VTFPC conducted an analysis of service utilization and expenditures.

Virginia Behavioral Health Report

The VTFPC identified behavioral health as a priority area of investment and research to better understand the intersection of primary care and behavioral health.

Virginia Primary Care Spend Report

This report describes trends in expenditures and utilization of primary care services.

Virginia Total Cost of Care Report

The VTFPC conducted a total cost of care analysis to better understand healthcare cost drivers in Virginia and define appropriate local solutions.

VCHI Comprehensive Report SFY 2023

In state fiscal year (SFY) 2023, the VTFPC was tasked with addressing primary care clinician retention concerns, improving quality measurement, reviewing payment mechanisms, addressing social determinants of health, and developing a series of reports to better understand current trends in primary care. Recommendations from the VTFPC based on these tasks are outlined on the next page.



  • Clinicians and payers establish a better relationship in order to partner in seeking better health and lower costs for Virginians
  • Primary care services are accessible, integrated, equitable, convenient, and affordable for patients in all Virginia communities
  • Virginia promotes a positive primary care practice experience for clinicians, leading to retention and growth in the number of primary care providers
  • The viability of primary care practices is safeguarded, primary care payment is predictable and tied to meaningful performance measurement in order to advance better health care value, and primary care is less susceptible to changes in the economy
  • Positive primary care innovations, such as telehealth, adopted during the pandemic are maintained and advanced where needed


  • Build a stakeholder coalition to direct primary care support and advance the use of data/communication systems for action;
  • Define payment models to better support primary care and support practice viability through systems that allow for predictability in financial support;
  • Describe the infrastructure needed to support primary care;
  • Identify markers of high value care in the COVID and post COVID era to function as quality metrics; and
  • Promote innovations in telehealth, population health management, and outreach to adapt to the changing COVID environment.


Sandy Chung, MD, Co-Chair

CEO, Trusted Doctors

Immediate Past President- AAP, Virginia Chapter; President, American Academy of Pediatrics

Jeff Ricketts, Co-Chair

Former President, Anthem Virginia

Heather Anderson

Division Director, Primary Care and Rural Health, VDH

John Brady, MD

Newport News, Past Chair – American Board of Family Medicine

Suzanne Brixey, MD

Executive Director, Fortify Children’s Health

Karen Dulaney

Executive Director, Lloyd F. Moss Free Clinic

Senator Barbara Favola

Democrat, 40th District

Charles Frazier, MD

Senior Vice President & CMIIO, Riverside Health System

Neeta Goel, MD


Stuart Henochowicz, MD, MBA, FACP

Internal Medicine & Allergy Associates; Governor ACP, Burke

Linda Hines, RN, MSN, MBA

Medicaid Plan President, Sentara Healthcare

Delegate Keith Hodges

Republican, 68th District

Cornel Hubbard, JD, CCEP

VP and General Manager, Magellan of Virginia, Richmond

Gary Johnston

Director, Health Benefit Services, Virginia Department of Human Resource Management, Richmond

Russell Libby, MD

President, Virginia Pediatric Group

John Littel

VA Secretary of Health & Human Resources

Jeff Lunardi

Chief Deputy Director, DMAS



Jerry Mammano

CEO, Aetna Better Health of Virginia

Gordon Moore, MD

Chief Medical Officer, Goodside Health

Sara Nicely, PA

Chair & Program Director, Radford University and President Virginia Academy of Physician Assistants

Theresa Noe

VP Strategic Innovations and Partnerships, Patient First

Deborah D. Oswalt

Executive Director, Virginia Health Care Foundation

Mike Pasterick

Senior Vice President and Health Solutions Leaders, AON

Senator Todd Pillion

Republican, 6th District

Zachary Rabovsky

Director, Population Health Strategy, CareFirst BCBS

Jennie Reynolds

Plan President, Virginia Medicaid, Anthem Virginia

Delegate Mark Sickles

Democrat, 43rd District

Meredith Touchstone

Director, Benefits, Carmax, Richmond

JP Verderese, MD

Health and Public Policy Chair, American College of Physicians, Virginia Chapter, Division Chief, Community Health, Inova, Falls Church

Valerie Wrobel, NO

Government Relations Chair, Virginia Council of Nurse Practitioners


VICE PRESIDENT MEDICAL AFFAIRS; CHIEF MEDICAL OFFICER, AMBULATORY, St. Mary’s & Richmond Community Hospital; Bon Secours Richmond


Clinician Retention & Wellbeing

Establishes recommendations for primary care workforce retention to ensure adequate primary care access for Virginians.

Mark Greenawald, MD | Co-Chair

Riva Kamat, MD | Co-Chair

Terri Babineau, MD

Lisa Ellis, MD, MACP

Kurtis Elward, MD 

Trish Frazier, RN 

Debora Goldberg, PhD, MHA, MBA 

Harrison Hayes

Tracey Hoke, MD 

Richard Ridge, PhD, RN 

Shelly Smith, RN, DNP

Valerie Wrobel, NP

Data Analytics

Identifies and evaluates primary care-related data, supports development of spend reports and the primary care scorecard.​

Kevin Barger

Andrew Bazemore, MD

Gerard Filicko

Gary Johnston

Alex Krist, MD

Dan McCarter, MD

Moss Mendelson, MD

Kenneth Qui, MD

Zachary Robovsky

Rich Rosendahl

David Smith 

John Syer

Meredith Touchstone

Dawniece Trumbo

Education & Advocacy

Informs Virginia health policy leaders, and all members of the Virginia General Assembly, about key task force findings and recommendations for improvement.

Heidi Dix

Tracy Douglas-Wheeler

Stuart Hencochowicz, MD

Tony Keck

Jesus Lizarzaburu, MD

Sara Nicely, PA

Corey Perdue

Scott Schoenborn

JP Verderese, MD

Mary Lindsay White

Payment & Practice Innovation

Convenes stakeholders to define and align payment strategies and priorities for innovative payment approaches to support primary care.

Heather Anderson

Sam Bartle, MD

John Brady, MD

Suzanne Brixey, MD

Laura Brooks, MD

Sandy Chung, MD

Charles Frazier, MD

Vaishali Geib, MD

Roger Hofford, MD

Cornel Hubbard

Robert Krebbs

Jeff Lunardi

Jerry Mammano

Paul Matherne, MD

Gordon Moore, MD

Theresa Noe

Debbie Oswalt

Kristina Powell, MD

Jennie Reynolds

Jeff Ricketts

Marcus Stone

Scott Strayer, MD

Kevin Van Dyke


The Virginia Primary Care Innovation Hub

We welcome all primary care stakeholders in Virginia as partners in the innovation hub. This includes spectrum of people and organizations interested in supporting primary care development in Virginia - providers, associations, consumer groups, health plans, educational programs, philanthropy, research centers, state agencies, and others.