Consumer Healthcare Experience State Survey

Consumer Healthcare Experience State Survey


The Altarum Consumer Healthcare Experience State Survey (CHESS) is designed to elicit respondents’ unbiased views on a wide range of health system issues, including confidence using the health system, financial burden and views on fixes that might be needed.  Nationally, consumer worry about healthcare affordability is well documented, but the results of the Virginia CHESS offer insight on the specific concerns in the commonwealth.  

VCHI partnered with the Altarum Healthcare Value Hub in early 2019 to bring the CHESS to Virginia.


About the Altarum HealthCare Value Hub

With support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Healthcare Value Hub provides free, timely information about the policies and practices needed to achieve health systems that are equitable, affordable, and focused on the goals and needs of the people the system is meant to serve. The Hub is part of Altarum, a nonprofit consulting and research organization that creates solutions to advance health of vulnerable and publicly insured populations.