Regional Accountable Care Communities

Better Care; Better Health; and Lower Costs for Your Community


The Virginia Center for Health Innovation was awarded a Round 2 State Innovation Models design grant from the U.S Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

The creation of Accountable Care Communities (ACCs) in Virginia is the core strategy of Virginia’s State Innovation Model Design Award. Successful ACC development requires multiple public and private stakeholders to commit to working collaboratively to advance the Triple Aim (better care, better health, and lower cost) in their regions and to share the responsibility for the health of the community.

Much of what impacts our health depends on our environment, the decisions we make every day, and having access to quality, affordable healthcare.  In Virginia, your zip code can predict your health status every bit as much as your blood pressure reading. To improve the well-being of our communities, we have to reach outside the walls of a healthcare provider's office and engage non-traditional partners. 


As a starting point, we selected five regions in Virginia to begin the planning process. Regional meetings were held in May 2015, September 2015, and January 2016.   Partners in each region worked to identify regional population health improvement initiatives and corresponding payment and delivery levers that align with Virginia's Plan for Well-Being and the recommendations of the Lt. Governor's Quality, Payment and HIT Roundtable.  Participating stakeholders included health systems; local government and health departments; private providers; community services boards; federally qualified health centers; health care and community philanthropy organizations; school systems; colleges and universities; housing agencies; and other social support providers.  Within each region, many partners leveraged existing local coalitions to advance this work.  In other regions, new coalitions and partnerships were formed. 


Many communities are utilizing Community Health Needs Assessments; community asset inventories; cross-sector collaboration; innovative care models such as the integration of primary care, behavioral health care, and oral health care; and/or the use of Community Health Workers in their ACC planning.


Since the close of the State Innovation Model grant period, VCHI has continued to serve as an information source and educator on initiatives at the state and federal level.  Our team has provided support to the Department of Medical Assistance Services and various community groups throughout the process of planning and developing Accountable Health Community (AHC) grant applications for CMS and education on an enhanced substance abuse benefit for Medicaid that will begin phased implementation across the state in 2017.  Moving forward, VCHI will serve as a resource for community coalitions and a bridge for funding opportunities to improve population health across the Commonwealth.


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