Innovator Interview: Jennifer Palazzolo, MPH

Jennifer Palazzolo, MPH Innovator Name: Jennifer Palazzolo, MPH Position: APCD Program Manager, Virginia Health Information VHIN: What is the All Payer Claims Database (APCD)?    JP: The APCD combines paid medical and pharmacy claims from commercial and public payers such as Medicaid and, in the future, Medicare.  What’s exciting is that the APCD provides a system-wide […]

Innovator Interview: Katherine Neuhausen, MD, MPH

  Kate Neuhausen, MD, MPH Innovator: Katherine Neuhausen, MD, MPH Position: Director of Delivery System Transformation, Office of Health Innovation, Virginia Commonwealth University VHIN: How do you define population health management? I view population health management as having two major components: Data-driven development and implementation of interventions to address the needs of subgroups of a […]

Innovator Interview: Terrina Thomas

Innovator: Terrina Thomas, MS, CHES Position: Director, Health and Preventive Services, Sentara Healthcare VHIN: As the winner of our Game-Changer Award in Employee Health, you know a little bit about how employers, healthcare providers, and health plans, can work together to improve population health! What are some “lessons learned” from your experience implementing Mission: Health? […]

Developing a shared understanding of population health

by Stephen Horan, PhD The term “population health” is creating a lot of buzz, along with some confusion.  It is important to understand population health and related concepts in order to anticipate where the health system is going, and envision the kinds of health innovations that are needed.   In this article we introduce some basic […]

Practical strategies for implementing innovation

by Stephen Horan, PhD In a previous article we identified five questions that can help us make informed decisions about adopting promising innovations within our own organizations.  Once the decision is made to move forward with an innovation, it is important to use the right strategies to achieve the implementation goals.  In this article we define […]

Deciding whether to adopt an innovation

by Stephen Horan, PhD Stephen Horan, PhD Should we adopt the patient centered medical home?  Should we adopt employee incentives for wellness? Should we adopt the latest evidence-based guidelines on community cancer screening?   Each of these questions involves a decision about whether to adopt an innovation.  How we make these decisions can have a profound […]

Innovator Interview: Tom Parry, PhD

Tom Parry, PhD Innovator: Tom Parry, PhD Position: President & CEO, Integrated Benefits Institute VHIN: IBI has been generating and disseminating research on employee health and productivity for more than 15 years.  Based on your experience, what are the most important things employers should know about the relationships between employee health, productivity, and business performance? […]

Innovator Interview: Dr. Richard Lindsay & Gordon Walker

Innovators: Dr. Richard Lindsay & Gordon Walker Position: Project Consultants, Institute for Innovations in Caregiving  VHIN: In your experience, what are the most common challenges family caregivers face?  What work is the Institute for Innovations In Caregiving project doing to help alleviate these challenges?  LINDSAY:  Caregiver health will become an even more critical issue because […]

Innovator Interview: David Coe

David Coe   Innovator Name: David Coe Position: Executive Director, Colonial Behavioral Health VHIN: What are some of the most promising approaches to the integration of behavioral health and primary care? I go straight to the concept of integrated care coordination.  A particular strength of the behavioral health field is an ability to assist patients […]

Innovator Interview: Secretary William A. Hazel, Jr, MD

Secretary William A. Hazel, Jr., MD   Innovator Name: William A. Hazel, Jr., MD Position: Secretary of Health and Human Resources, Commonwealth of Virginia VHIN: Considering the delivery system changes underway and the move towards more team-based, coordinated, and integrated care, what should Virginia’s healthcare workforce look like over the next 5-10 years? Hazel: Due […]