Innovator Interview: Chas Roades

Chas Roades

Chas Roades


Innovator Name: Chas Roades

Position: Chief Research Officer, The Advisory Board Company





VHIN: What do you think are the biggest opportunities for employers, health care providers, and health plans, to work together to improve population health?

CR: The biggest opportunity for collaboration is the overall shift of the industry toward a value orientation. The faster employers, insurers and providers can work together to finally drive a nail in the coffin of fee-for-service medicine, the sooner we can begin to see a meaningful improvement in quality and a commensurate reduction in cost of care. We’re at an opportune moment to see that kind of collaboration—the Affordable Care Act provides a framework for new approaches to payment (value-based purchasing, bundled payments, accountable care organizations), and seed funding and experimentation from government payers can act as a catalyst for the private sector innovation that will drive real change.

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