The Virginia Health Innovation Plan + SIM


Better value for a healthier Commonwealth.  This principle drives both the Virginia Center for Health Innovation (VCHI) and our recent work leading Virginia's State Innovation Model (SIM) design.  SIM is an initiative of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and provides financial and technical support to states for the development and testing of state-led, multi-payer health care payment and service delivery reforms.  Through this program, VCHI is working to create opportunities to improve the value of health care in Virginia, where value is defined as the best possible health outcomes delivered as efficiently as possible.

As the only non-profit, non-state agency in the country to lead the development of a SIM design, VCHI is proving public-private collaboration works.  VCHI has brought together hundreds of stakeholders from all regions and constituencies to develop solutions to come of our most complex health care challenges.



SIM Priorities


This work has garnered the support and involvement from 700 organizational partners and more than 1,500 individuals.  Our strength is in working with these partners to create real reform in Virginia, advancing the Commonwealth as a national leader in individual and community health, health care, and economic growth. 

Resources + Reports

The following video highlights the work of the Virginia Center for Health Innovation and its partners over the last year to develop a State Health Innovation Plan under the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services State Innovation Model (SIM) initiative.