Masks and PPE Donations for Health Care Workers

From the VHHA:

VHHA has heard from many people and businesses in the community interested in donating available personal protective equipment (PPE) to support health care professionals on the front lines responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Visit the VHHA website for more information on how to donate to your local hospital.


The Virginia Dental Association has put a call out to its members across the Commonwealth to donate any masks they can spare to front line health care workers. Read more on their COVID-19 Hub page.


Click here to request or donate N95 masks using Mask Match

From the site:

Mask Match is a peer-to-peer platform helping people with spare N95 masks send them directly to healthcare workers on the front lines who need them. Their lives (and our lives) depend on it.

Many hospitals have had to limit the number of masks healthcare workers can use because there isn’t enough. Many are forced to go without due to lack of supply. While factories are rushing to produce more, getting masks to people will take time that many healthcare workers don’t have.