Now is the time to be part of a positive change in primary care

by Beth A. Bortz

I have exciting news to share about the Heart of Virginia Healthcare initiative. After hearing numerous concerns about the closeness of our first cohort to the date of the ICD-10 implementation, our cooperative approached AHRQ about a change to our timeframe.

I am pleased to announce that they have agreed to our revised timeline. The change will shorten the cohorts from six months to three months with the first cohort starting in February 2016.

Heart of Virginia Healthcare is one of only seven cooperatives in the country funded by the Agency for Healthcare and Quality’s EvidenceNOW initiative.  The HVH collaborative is aimed at helping small to medium sized primary care practices incorporate patient centered outcomes research findings into cardiovascular health.

Through one-on-one support, resources and the latest knowledge, EvidenceNOW offers a simple value proposition:

  • More Control –Keeping up with changes in payment models, regulations and even staff training can be overwhelming. EvidenceNOW can help you take control, improve capacity, and optimize your systems. Now you can feel secure that you and your team can continue to thrive in this new environment.
  • Better Outcomes - The best outcome for you, your staff, and your practice starts with the best outcomes for your patients. EvidenceNOW offers proven protocols to you and your team to help deliver quality care that results in optimized outcomes for your patients, and for your practice.
  • Recognition -Health care is in a time of unprecedented change. This transformation shines a welcome spotlight on the Primary Care provider as the new prime mover in population heart health. EvidenceNOW gives you and your practice the opportunity to stay at the forefront of this important movement.

While increasing efficiency, satisfaction and quality seem like a winning equation, physicians can also receive part IV MOC through participation. Additionally reimbursement is provided for completed surveys and data reports.

Change is coming. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to prepare yourself and your practice. Now is the time for Primary Care

Applications will be accepted through January 2015.  Apply today!