Innovator Interview: Karen Rheuban, MD

Dr. Rheuban

Innovator: Karen Rheuban, MD

Position: Director, University of Virginia Center for Telehealth

VHIN:  What progress has been made in the Commonwealth of Virginia to connect persons with chronic conditions to remote monitoring?  How will Virginia’s SIM grant further this progress?

KR:  The Commonwealth, through the work of our medical schools, healthcare systems, FQHCs and the Virginia Department of Health is amongst the most forward thinking of all the states in relationship to telemedicine and telehealth.   Our 2010 parity reimbursement language and the support of the Board of Medicine, the MSV, the VHHA, Virginia Medicaid and the Association of Health Plans have all helped to advance the use of safe telemedicine in our state.  Taking it one step further, developing collaborative models of integration of secure patient monitoring tools and care coordination for patients with chronic illness will be an important effort of our SIM grant.

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