Innovator Interview: Jennifer Palazzolo, MPH

Jennifer Palazzolo, MPH

Innovator Name: Jennifer Palazzolo, MPH

Position: APCD Program Manager, Virginia Health Information

VHIN: What is the All Payer Claims Database (APCD)?    JP: The APCD combines paid medical and pharmacy claims from commercial and public payers such as Medicaid and, in the future, Medicare.  What’s exciting is that the APCD provides a system-wide view of health care that is not currently available.  For instance, we’ll be able to learn about care by providers in an outpatient or office setting, emergency room visits, and prescription medicine expenses.  The APCD provides an unprecedented view of how and where health care dollars are spent.  Greater transparency in how health care dollars are spent is vital to achieving higher quality care at lower costs.

VHIN: How will the APCD help providers, employers, and payers with population health management?

JP: One important way the APCD can help providers, employers and payers is by providing a more complete source of measures of treatment of chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and asthma. This information can help target and evaluate population health management programs such as chronic disease management and preventive care.

Providers can see how they compare...

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