Innovator Interview: Katherine Neuhausen, MD, MPH


Kate Neuhausen, MD, MPH

Kate Neuhausen, MD, MPH

Innovator: Katherine Neuhausen, MD, MPH

Position: Director of Delivery System Transformation, Office of Health Innovation, Virginia Commonwealth University

VHIN: How do you define population health management?

I view population health management as having two major components:

  1. Data-driven development and implementation of interventions to address the needs of subgroups of a population (such as individuals with chronic disease or at risk of chronic disease) accompanied by rapid-cycle improvement to continually adapt and improve your interventions.  This helps organizations understand the drivers of health for the entire population and prioritize interventions with the greatest potential impact on the population.
  2. Integrated management of these individuals across the care continuum and over time to ensure that appropriate care is delivered at the appropriate time in the appropriate setting.  These holistic and longitudinal models should address the social determinants of health such as housing, education, and employment.

My overall vision of population health management is to achieve improved health of the entire population at lower cost by optimizing the use of health care and social service resources while improving the overall performance of the health care delivery system...

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