Innovator Interview: Tom Parry, PhD

Tom Parry, PhD

Innovator: Tom Parry, PhD

Position: President & CEO, Integrated Benefits Institute

VHIN: IBI has been generating and disseminating research on employee health and productivity for more than 15 years.  Based on your experience, what are the most important things employers should know about the relationships between employee health, productivity, and business performance?

TP: Employers should understand that research strongly supports the proposition that an employee’s health not only influences healthcare cost but also absence from work and performance at work. In addition, the lost time associated with absence and performance has significant financial effects on the employer’s bottom line. Finally, employers need to think carefully and pragmatically about their strategy around managing health and productivity, and make sure they are communicating clearly to their vendor partners the information they need to provide to the employer.

VHIN: What do you expect will be the key trends in employer-based health strategy in 2014 and 2015?

TP:  Undoubtedly, some employers will seek out private or public exchanges for delivering health care to their employees. However...

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