The What

The Virginia Center for Health Innovation, in partnership with State Government, the Virginia Chamber of Commerce, and the Virginia Business Coalition, is creating an Employer Task Force on Low-Value Care as part of a $2.2 M grant initiative funded by Arnold Ventures. Low value health care includes medical tests and procedures that research has proven add no value in particular clinical circumstances and can lead to potential patient harm and a higher total cost of care. The purpose of the task force is to develop and adopt a Virginia Plan to Improve Health Value in collaboration with medical professionals from six Virginia health systems and three clinically integrated networks. The task force will work to increase employer knowledge concerning the challenge of low-value health care, expose Virginia employers to employers that are mobilizing for improvement, and engage employers in specific actions they can take in employee communications, benefit design, and contracting to drive improvement.

The Why

Both public and private employers are uniquely positioned to help reduce low-value and unnecessary services. Through benefit design and employee communications, employers can to drive change by helping employees become advocates for their own health by seeking appropriate care. As purchasers of health services, employers can leverage policies and contracts to ensure benefits are designed to reduce low-value care and support high-value care. Employers have much to contribute and much to gain from engaging in this work.

The Who

VCHI will recruit 15-25 employer representatives to serve on the task force. Assisting with recruitment are the task force chairs, Virginia Health and Human Resources Secretary, Dr. Daniel Carey and Robert M. “Bob” Blue, Executive Vice President and President & CEO – The Power Delivery Group, Dominion Energy. In addition, VCHI is partnering with the Virginia Chamber of Commerce, the Virginia Business Council and other trade groups to promote this opportunity.

Any interested employer representative that can make the necessary commitments outlined below is invited to apply. Our goal is for task force members to be geographically diverse and represent a wide range of industries.



The Commitments

In order to serve on the Employer Task Force on Low Value Care, each participant will be required to make the following commitments:

  1. Commit to having their organization’s health claims data submitted to the Virginia All Payer Claims Database;
  2. Commit to requesting that their health plan(s) provide them with company-specific performance data on the provider and consumer-driven low value care measures being considered at the state-level by the health system collaborative and the employer task force;
  3. Commit to implementing at least one internal change (benefit design, contracting, employee communications) to address one or more of the measures selected for improvement in the Virginia Plan to Improve Health Value; and
  4. Commit to presenting the findings of the Virginia Plan to Improve Health Value to their local chamber of commerce.

The work of the Task Force will be conducted over six in-person meetings in Richmond beginning August 2019. Members are expected to attend all meetings.

The Opportunity

Interested Virginia employer representatives who wish to serve on the Task Force are asked to submit the following information:

  • Geographic localities served
  • Total number of employees
  • Self insured (Y/N)
  • Brief summary of any current value-based insurance design initiatives.
  • Any relevant memberships: Virginia Chamber, local chamber, Virginia Business Council
  • Resume/CV of proposed organization representative.

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